Arrow Cars Funding Partners – Together we can beat the banks!

For over 5 years, returns on savings and investments have been stuck around 1 to 3% AER. This is great news for mortgage holders but terrible for savers and investors whose lifestyles have been dramatically affected by low returns. This situation looks unlikely to change significantly for at least another 5 years, maybe longer.

Now the UK has chosen to leave the EU, we are being faced with more uncertainty and possible hardship, especially if we are vulnerable to exchange rate fluctuations. The result is that many Expats in Spain, who rely on their pensions, savings and investments are not only living on a reduced income but often actually “dipping in” to their savings instead of enjoying the returns on those savings they always expected.

Financial problems caused by the banks and financial institutions aren’t exclusively directed towards savers, investors and retired expats. Companies are suffering also. Because the profits from savers, pensioners and investors deposits have reduced, the Banks have redirected their attention to the business sector and have been profiting massively by charging interest rates of up to 20% APR to Companies needing to raise money for business use.*

* Source – Barclays UK 2016

This “perfect storm”, affecting both Savers and Companies alike, has led Arrow Cars to develop an innovative system which not only means savers and investors can double or even treble their current returns, it also allows Arrow Cars to expand its operations, with an extremely secure and simple investment product.

It’s called ARROW CARS FUNDING PARTNERS – We make your money work for you! When a Funding Partner joins Arrow Cars, both will profit within a growing market. You fund a vehicle and we hire it. You will double or even treble the return on your savings and investments and we will grow our business.

Let’s beat the banks...Together!

Put simply, we believe this is the ideal investment opportunity for people earning a pittance on their

savings but who are also risk averse.

Anyone who becomes an Arrow Cars Funding Partner will benefit from;

  • Market Leading Returns – You will earn returns of either 8% & 11% per annum (you choose either a 24 month agreement at 8% PA or a 36 month agreement at 11% PA)
  • Low Investment amount – Entry level investment is only 7500,00euro
  • Confidence Inspiring Security – your investment is Asset backed, legally binding and recorded with the Spanish Ministry of Justice and your funds are protected by Escrow security.

So how does it work?

  • You fund in “Investor Units” (1 unit = 7500,00euro). You can fund 1, 2 or more units. It’s up to you
  • With your “Unit” we purchase one vehicle and hire it to our Customers via our popular car rental services
  • We pay you either an 8% or 11% annual interest rate on your funds, paid quarterly, directly to you
  • You receive full repayment of capital after 24 or 36 months (you choose)

Is your investment safe?

  • To protect your investment, you have a legally binding lien on the vehicle we purchase with your Investor unit and any other Company assets up to the value of your investment. If we default on our obligations to you, Company assets will be seized and sold at public auction. You will receive the proceeds from the auction as repayment of your investment.
  • Our agreement is legally binding and is registered with the Spanish Ministry of Justice for even more security and peace of mind.
  • Your funds are held in a secure escrow meaning your investment never actually enters the Arrow Cars bank account*

*An Escrow is a financial instrument held by a third party on behalf of the other two parties in a transaction. Funds are held by the escrow service until it receives the appropriate instructions or until certain obligations have been fulfilled.

Some questions answered

Q – Why should I invest in Arrow Cars?

A – Arrow Cars was established in 2003 and has developed a large and loyal Customer base on the Costa del Sol. We have an excellent reputation and as such, around 80% of our business comes from repeat Customers or referral. Our business model generates a predictable, residual income. We know we have income every month and therefore do not have to constantly rely on new customers to pay our bills.

However, we are currently undertaking an ambitious expansion program and will be franchising our Business throughout Spain over the following months and years. Exciting times which we would very much like to share with our Funding Partners.

Q – How can you provide either 8% or 11% return on my savings and investments?

A – We have been specialists in our field for a long time. Our proven business model generates an annual average gross return of 59% per vehicle. The average rentable lifespan of a vehicle is three years. These strong returns allow us to ensure your return on investment and also reinvest in further fleet growth.

Q – What if you don’t have any customers for the car?

A – Our innovative car rental services generate an extremely high annual average fleet utilisation percentage of 95%. We have maintained this figure (within a few percent) since acquiring our own fleet of vehicles in 2009. We make the asset sweat!

Q – How can I make money investing in a depreciating asset?

A – We purchase our vehicles at around 20% below market value. Therefore we have a “head start” on depreciation. In addition the average income generated from each vehicle during its rental life is approximately 13284,00euro. Revenue generated from your funding far exceeds any loss in asset value.

In any case, our legally binding agreement states that you have a lien on any asset within the Company up to the value of your investment. This means that if the value of the vehicle we buy with your investment “Unit” falls below the value of the investment unit (7500,00euro) you still have a claim on other assets within the Company if we default on our obligations to you .

Q – How can you repay my capital after 24 or 36 months if the asset is worth less than the investment?

A - In simple terms the figures are as follows (based on a 24 and a 36 month period); 24 months 36 months

  • Gross Income per vehicle 8856,00euro 13284,00euro
  • Less fixed cost per vehicle 1488,00euro 2232,00euro
  • Less your interest 1200,00euro 2475,00euro
  • Less your capital 7500,00euro 7500,00euro
  • Plus sale of the original vehicle 6500,00 4500,00euro

REMAINDER 5168,00euro 5577,00euro

The figures add up but this doesn’t take into account reinvestment of profits. We are seeking investment for 25 Units (vehicles) only. Once we have achieved this target, this offer will close. Arrow Cars will then continue to purchase vehicles from profits – without the help of banks or investors. Company revenue increases as fleet size grows, as does Company asset value, and profits.

This low debt/high asset philosophy creates a robust safety net ensuring Arrow Cars remains strong within the market place and repayment of your capital is assured.

Q – What if the car is stolen or damaged in an accident and is beyond economical repair?

A – The vehicle is fully insured and is also protected with smart localising technology

Q – Can I invest in more than one “Unit”?

A – Yes, of course.

Q – Can I take professional advice before becoming a Funding Partner?

A – We would prefer it if you did. We are fully transparent and will provide you with all relevant documentation you will need to make an informed decision.

Q – Can I take a more active interest in the Company?

A – Absolutely. We would like Funding Partners to be part of the company. We want to hear your ideas and suggestions and look forward to any contribution you might have. Together, we can grow stronger. Of course, if you prefer to be more of a silent funder, this is also fine.

Q – Do I have to pay tax on my returns?

A – We recommend you take independent financial advice regarding your Funding Partner income.

Q – How long will this opportunity last?

A – We are seeking Funding for 25 vehicles during 2016/2017. This offer will close when this target has been reached.

The next step

If you have any question please contact me, Jeremy Harris, either by email or telephone (contact details can be found above). If I am not able to answer the telephone, please let a message and I will get back to you. You can also reserve a place on one of my webinars where I take you step by step through this opportunity in more detail and you get a chance to ask questions and hear other potential Funding partners have their questions answered.

If, however, you are happy to proceed straight away, we will increase the return of your investment by a further 1% (either 9% or 12%). Please either go to our website and register or contact me directly and I will be happy to go through the next step with you.

Let’s fund for our future together – ACT NOW!

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