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doctorDr Ali Bakhshandeh

When you're ill, You deserve to be treated by a doctor like Dr. Ali Bakhshandeh. Passionate about caring for his patients, Dr. Ali will listen to you, advise, diagnose and take care of you in your own language.

TRE listeners will be familiar with Dr Ali Bakhshandeh as a regular guest within the medical section of Selina MacKenzie's 'Lifestyles' show... 

Starting in June on 'The Daily' with Dave Hodgson, our new monthly feature 'Ask the Doctor' will give listeners the opportunity to do just that!

In addition, if you have a medical issue and would like some confidential advice, Dr Ali Bakhshandeh invites you to contact him via our new and discreet “Ask the Doctor” feature. You can participate by sending your questions via the email application below. Questions may be published but all postings will be anonymous - although your email will be passed on to the doctor. 
A little more about about Dr. Ali...

Dr. Ali was born in March 1971 in Tehran - Iran.  He moved to Vienna in Austria when he was 14 years old.

He studied Medicine at the famous University of Vienna. In 2003, after receiving his licence as a General Practitioner, he moved to Marbella, where he has lived and worked ever since.

Over the past ten years, Dr. Ali has been working for the leading Sanitary Transport and Medical Home service company in the Costa del Sol. He was the Medical Director of that company for two years.

Currently he dedicates himself exclusively to his own Medical Office in Marbella.


He offers the following services:

  • Complete GP service in his office and at your home
  • ECG ( Electrocardiogram) in his office and at your home
  • Injections S.C, I.M or I.V. as well as perfusions in his office and at your home
  • Inhalation Therapy at his office
  • Complete Laboratory and Analysis Service
  • Check-Ups
  • Genetic Tests

Dr Ali is located at the Clinica Centro in downtown Marbella, close to the main post office.  You can contact him on 951 10 60 36 or go online to

Dr. Ali...for a human touch and peace of mind.

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Ask the Doctor


Listeners' Questions

My daughter has a small mole on her shoulder. The skin around it is completely white and does not tan. Is this something I should be concerned about?
Mrs K

Doctor's Reply:
I would show it to the doctor once to be on the safe side. Usually we are concerned about moles that change seize or shap or even start  to alter their surfaces or bleed.Let me know please if I can help you on this subject or any other health issue.

Kind regards, Dr. Ali


I have been experiencing short sharp pain in my right arm, it almost feels like an electric shock, it only happens every few months but it's very painful. Is it something I should get checked out? there is no bruising or marks on the skin & it only lasts for a few seconds.
Doctor's Reply:

Thank You very much for your Email. I would check it out, as it isn’t a single episode symptom and being painful. It makes me think of muscles or neuronal problems.
If you live in Costa del Sol area, please make an appointment to come to my surgery in Marbella in order to investigate the reason for this pain.
We are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week from 10AM to 2PM.

Kind regards, Dr. Ali


I have an ear infection for 3 weeks now . First time I
Went to my Dr he advised oilive oil drops and then after 4 days ear syringed.
When I went back to dr he still said a lot of wax in my
Ears. This time used Otocerum drops. Once again ears syringed (this time very painful.
I saw the Dr today he still cannot see due to wax in ear. He advised Octocerum drops again and have my ears syringed again next Monday .
Twice I have asked for an antibiotic. Dr refused .
Is this normal practice?
 M.H., Mijas Pueblo

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