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Larry Reborn is a specialist in Biodynamic Medicine at Pies y Bienestar, Calle Pintada 73, Nerja.

I am sure you ask yourself at times, how on earth it is possible that some of the things we hear about could possibly be happening. We can turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to a lot of the horrible things humans seem to be capable of. We can try to live happy ever after in our private bubbles, ignoring all things we would like to disappear without our involvement.  We can try, but in the end, it won’t work. Sooner or later reality catches up. How on earth is it possible that we believe that we have advanced so much, when wars are still going on almost in every corner of the planet?

How on earth is it possible that we can spend billions of dollars and pounds on medical research but continue to become sicker and sicker every year? How is it possible that we have invented communication gadgets so that we can be connected all day long, but have little of importance to communicate? How can it be that we live under the illusion that our societies are safe, while a dangerous environment is creeping into our homes, despite us buying guns or putting more locks on our doors? 

There are many things that really don’t add up at all.  Is man good, or is there a satanic personality lurking in everyone? It’s up to you to decide what it is that is really going on, but I have chosen to believe that man is basically good.  That doesn’t mean that we cannot go overboard in certain situations and take very harmful decisions. Wars can be started for many reasons, sometimes only as a reaction to an insult, but mostly for economical or territorial reasons. Like many detrimental situations in our lives, they are often started out of fear. Fear almost never brings forth good solutions. Medicine and medical actions have now risen to the third most common source of death in the United States of America.  

At least 
10,000 English citizens, and that is a very conservative figure, die from over-medication each year. A large part of all political decisions, being compromises as they usually are, result in absolutely nothing beneficial, regardless of the money spent.  A fatalistic approach to this is to say that in a hundred years’ time, what happens today won’t matter, but what if we want to live a better life today? In most cases we are living better and more comfortable lives than our fathers did, but what about our children?  Will they be able to live a better life than us? Some answers are not yet available and the future is not looking very good.

The action many of us are taking is to simply wait. Waiting for the wars to finally end. Waiting until the politicians learn and become more intelligent. Waiting for all pains and ailments to go away or at least improve. Awaiting the moment when science will finally invent the perfect pill to handle all illness. Waiting for people around us to become friendly enough that we can speak the truth to them without the need to have as social mask to cover the real situation.

Who are we kidding. Nothing happens without a reason and 
it is not very clever to expect good things to happen by themselves without taking action to ensure they happen.

Most often we wait because we worry too much about what could possibly occur. We like to wait in order to learn more. We want to be able to act safely. That is usually an incorrect strategy. We need to act in order to see where things are going and then we will know more about what decisions we ought to take. 

When we are in physical pain, our bodies are telling us that something is wrong. Most illnesses develop little by little and need attention before they become uncontrollable. The Chinese war lord Sun Tsu said. “The defence of anything is untenable”. That goes for anything. Situations in life need to be affronted and handled, not ignored in the hope that they will go away. 
We have to move out of our comfort zones and face life and life is better faced whilst we are alive. 

If you have faith that doctors will fix any physical or mental discomfort or problem in the way cars are fixed in a garage, then  
think again. Nothing will happen if you are not there to make it happen.

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