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Larry Reborn is a specialist in Biodynamic Medicine at Pies y Bienestar, Calle Pintada 73, Nerja.

The news we receive from the world around us is generally bad.

I don’t really know why it has to be like that but that’s how it is. In the midst of all negative noise we are doing our best to create something worthwhile for ourselves and for our families. Meanwhile the world around us concentrates on corruption scandals, robbery, murders, terrorist activities and natural catastrophes or on the eternal dance around the golden calf to make money change hands. In the barrage of threats and bad news we can do nothing more than mind our own business to avoid being too affected by that which we cannot handle.

The formula to do so has always been to attempt to gain and maintain some sort of position. We grow up slowly, learning the tricks and rules of a good life or a bad. We get married or, as is now getting more popular, we don’t get married. We get children and, if we are lucky, we manage to get a house a nice car, a dog and perhaps even a boat. Mother Fortune smiles at us, or we are not so lucky and are confined to a refugee camp for years with no change on the horizon.  

That life should be fair is an impossible dream. It is part of the game of life that we do not start at the same point, with the same resources and equal conditions. Being so, there is a curious observation that one can make in regards to happiness. There are people that have all the resources in the world, who are profoundly unhappy, that drink or drug themselves to death or commit suicide. At the same time there can be people who virtually have nothing but who live life to the fullest. We all know that we cannot bring any riches with us when it is time to check out so what is this mysterious life essence that can be independent of wealth. If we know what it is we have a chance of living worthwhile lives even if we are less rich than we would like to be.

Obviously there is no long lasting happiness to be found in the material world. If you finally get a chance to buy that spectacular red sports car that you have wanted all your life, will it make you happy? Maybe for a while but it doesn’t matter how fast that car can go, it is still a dead thing. Maybe you will be admired by your neighbours or people around you for having that car but what do they admire, you or the car. Is there something we really need to have in order to enjoy life better? I would say health. With worsening health it is difficult to achieve a life of abundant joy. Wheelchairs and sports cars for example do not go well together at all.  The consequence is that the first thing we need in order to have a reasonably happy life is a functioning body. Frequently we do not see this but go after our material goals destroying our physical body in the process.

It doesn’t help that the food industry is cutting all corners they can in order to simulate edible food while adding things that give mass and taste to food that lacks nutrition. It also does not help that the pharmaceutical industry earns more from sick people than from finding and handling causes of illness. However bad the odds are, we have to keep our bodies as functional as possible as they are a prerequisite for the game of life. That makes the situation more fair as even a poor person may be born with a body in perfect shape. The body in itself has one single purpose and that is to survive no matter what.  By giving the body what it needs we can help it survive better, which will give us the possibility to survive better. Our bodies don’t need sports cars and things. It needs nutrition, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. When the body is given what it needs we are in better shape to think straight and decide for ourselves what it is we really need in order to have a good life.

Having a life and having a car is definitely not the same thing. Spending quality time with our children can be priceless. Climbing a hill to watch the sunset can make us want to live forever, which we probably will anyway in glory or misery depending upon our decisions. To have a life it is needed to let life flow in us. Life is activity. Dead things don’t move or roll without purpose. Hard as it is to recognise, we most often are our worst enemies immersed in ideas and obligations in our minds that have little or nothing to do with the creative forces that we are. A popular phrase in American movies is “Get a life”.  It is a cliche but has a true ring to it. If you don’t make sure to have a life you will not have one. Life is travelling a road with too many road signs pointing to deserts.

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