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ParaSol Singers Choir changes its name to CantoLibre

After six years performing as the ParaSol Singers, the Estepona / Manilva based choir has changed its name to CantoLibre. The new name means Free Singing and reflects the choir’s spirit and repertoire, which now ranges from classical to pop and includes our ever popular Christmas repertoire in both English and Spanish. The choir has performed at many local venues and is pleased to share our love of singing with, and contribute to, the local community.

Although our common language is English we have many nationalities in the choir and we always welcome new members. The only requirements are enthusiasm for singing and a commitment to regular rehearsals. Ability to read music is not required.

We rehearse on Wednesday evenings at a venue between Sabinillas and Estepona. We shall be creating a Facebook page but in the meantime for more information please contact [email protected] or call 692 558 041.

Cancer Support Mallorca

Volunteers coffee morning. Would you like to help a worthy cause? Can you spare a few hours a month? Cancer Support group wants a hand! February 10th 9:30am – 12:30pm, Paseo Maritimo, Palma.

U3A Debating and Discussion Group

Autumn Term 2018

All debates and discussion’s on Wednesdays, 13.00 – 2.30, Room B3-R4 Lux Mundi, Group Leader: Geoff Cooke: Speakers and Topics welcome at any time for Debate or Discussion. Below is the planned programme, which could be changed should members suggest better alternatives.

Wednesday 24th October. Is Britain correct in insisting that open borders are unacceptable? The recent government white paper is examined.

Wednesday 7th November. Many consider that we have reached an environmental crisis due to our use of plastics how then should we proceed?

Wednesday 5th December. Overseas Aid – What’s the point?


Autumn Term 2018

All talks on Tuesdays, 11.00-12.15, Lux Mundi Lecture Room B3- R4. Group Leader: Geoff. Cooke: An assortment of talks on everything under the sun!

Tuesday 16th October: The Building of the Manchester Ship Canal.

Peter Cadman tells a story of the birth of an idea in the 17th century for a canal that created some world firsts and changed the north of England’s meagre economy into worldwide industries. This story highlights the importance of infrastructure to economic development.

Tuesday 30th October: René Lalique and the Glass Church.

Sheila Knight tells how the world famous jeweller and glass maker René Lalique came to create the complete glass interior in a small Jersey Church

Tuesday 13th November: Family Recollections of ‘The Great War’.

2018 will be 100 years since the end of WW1. The recollection of four families at war is a tribute and a reminder of their sacrifice.

1: A Royal Flying Corps sweetheart’s broach. Who was it meant for? From Geoff Cooke

2: John Norman Smith, Researched by Julie Cooke

3: James Kinnell Plot 1, Row B, Grave 12. Morbeque British Cemetery, France. Researched by Julie Cooke

4: Lost on Land and Sea-My Uncles. Bob Hudson

5: Not all WW1 took place in France. Military Medals were won elsewhere. Michael Barnes

Tuesday 27th November: Unusual Public Sculptures. Geoff Cooke

Most cities have many boring public statues of blokes on horseback or women looking regal. This presentation examines modern art which makes us laugh, sends out a powerful political message or sometimes makes us angry but they are certainly not boring.

Members will be invited to submit their modern art idea, which could sit on the vacant plinth in Trafalgar Square. The most original idea for 2018 will receive a book prize.

Tuesday 11th December: Britain’s Heritage Railways, Geoff Cooke.

A Tribute to Mark the 50th Anniversary of the End of Mainline Steam,

The creation of the most popular family historical pursuit began in 1968 when four grammar school boys realised that their world of steam traction and mechanical masterpieces would soon end unless working engines were preserved. How did they manage to kick start the preservation movement and why are we building new steam engines?


Autumn Term 2018

All talks on Wednesday morning 11:00 – 12:30 Lux Mundi Room B3-R4

Wednesday 17th October: The Science & History of Human Communication

Part 1 – Language & Writing

When and why did human beings develop language and how did it develop. What brought about the adoption of writing?

Wednesday 31st October: Blockchain: The Technology behind Bitcoin.

Bitcoin won’t change the world but the blockchain may. Why ‘we may be witnessing one of those potential explosions of creative potential that catalyse exceptional levels of innovation.’?

Wednesday 14th November: The Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918

The centenary of the greatest human catastrophe of the 20th century. What were its causes, how did it spread and what was done to tackle it. Can it happen again?

Wednesday 28th November: Contagion – The BBC 4 Pandemic

A video of a BBC4 documentary from March 2018 about a real experiment documenting the spread of a disease across Britain.

Wednesday 12th December: Spectroscopy

Spectroscopy is the science of looking at the light emitted by an object and determining what it’s made from. Everything from a speck of paint to a distant galaxy is amenable to this science.

Art and History

Autumn Term 2018

All talks on Wednesday mornings, 11:00 – 12:30 Lux Mundi Room B3-R4

Wednesday 24th October: Iron; The Story behind Almeria’s “Cable Ingles” (How the iron went from Almeria to Glasgow and came back again.)

Wednesday 7th November: Miró and Dalí (Two Catalans with different ideas,)

Wednesday 21st November: Glasgow Art School Fire. (Lachlan Goudie’s Video, commentary and illustrations)

Wednesday 5th December: The genius who designed the Art School. (“The Trellis and the Rose”: Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife Margaret.)

From my last Press Release…..

Our New autumn Term is fast approaching and the team have been busy preparing a new programme of courses and activities.

U3A objectives are to promote activities for learning for pleasure. Open to all English speaking adults of any nationality, it is run by the members for the members.

Group Leaders are volunteers and we are always pleased to welcome those who wish to share their knowledge and skills.

To view the Prospectus and download membership forms please see our website http://u3afuengirolacostadelsol.com Details of all our courses and activities are listed along with all the various venues. Contact details are listed for those who need further information. You can confirm dates, times and venues of courses at enrolment because as the dust settles some adjustments may be necessary. If you are an infrequent visitor to the area it’s worth noting that it may be possible to attend as a guest or visitor, although a fee is charged for this, the activities are great and the company even better, see details of costs in our prospectus

You can join the U3A Costa Del Sol which is based in Fuengirola for,

30 euros for a full term: October to May

20 euros for a half term: January to May

Term Dates

Autumn Term: Monday 8th October (except groups held at Lux Mundi which begins 15th October) to Friday 14th December 2018

Spring term: Tuesday 8th January to Friday 24th May 2019

Summer term: June – September: Limited/different activities are held – see our Facebook page for information.

Registration Dates are on Tuesday 25th and Friday 28th September 2018

Venue: Lux Mundi, Calle Nueva 3, Fuengirola, The Registration desk will be open on the days shown between 10.30 -13.00 each day.

Registration for the Spring Term will be held at the same venue on Tuesday 8th January 2019 from 10.30 – 12.30

Fees can only be paid in cash. We are unable to accept credit/debit cards or cheques. The fee entitles all members to participate in as many group activities as they wish (subject to availability).

Guided Hiking Trails

Guided Hiking Trails. Every Saturday and Sunday at 9am. Mijas Ayuntamiento.

Benidorm Bridge Club

THE BENIDORM BRIDGE CLUB  Welcomes players of all abilities. Partners can be arranged by request. A session of afternoon bridge costs only 3 euros including tea or coffee and cake on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

Call  607-311-292 or 96 686 6560.

Salsa Dancing

Every Friday, starting from 9 June, Habaneras Shopping Centre is offering free dance classes led by experienced teachers to get everyone ready for a rhythm-packed summer.


Do you like singing?  Would you like to join a choir?  We are inviting new singers to become members of the local, long-established choir, Coral Coraxalia under the leadership of Eusebio Pita.  Great, friendly atmosphere, all nationalities, good repertoire, performances and concerts, social events, possible touring, etc.  Rehearsals Thursdays 17.30 – 20.00 in the Casa Cultura on the main A7205 road at Viñuela village.  Plenty of free parking opposite .  Come along to a rehearsal and hear us and decide if you’d like to join us!  For more information call 669 682 139 English / 689 111 352 Spanish.

The Royal British Legion Duquesa Branch meets socially every Tuesday at 1200hrs in the La Duquesa Golf & Country Club – Crta – N 340, km 143. All are most welcome for a chat in the relaxing area of the Restaurant and Bar.
Supporters of the Poppy Appeal, Invictus Games, Help for Heroes.
For further information contact [email protected]

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