UK Postbox

UK Postbox is one of the UK’s leading mail scanning, address and parcel forwarding services, serving many 1000s of people in the UK and around the world. A UK Postbox account gives you a dedicated UK postal address which acts as a hub for your post . When a company or an individual sends post to your UK Postbox address, instead of going to that actual address, it routes to their secure sorting office where it is scanned, bar coded, and then stored in the system by one of their dedicated team.
Once a piece of mail has been scanned into their secure system, you will receive a text or a message to let you know that you have new mail. You can then decide what you want to do with that mail. Do you want to read it immediately? Store it? Shred it? You can even instruct them to forward on the actual piece of mail to you, wherever you are in the world.
Not only that – they can also ship parcels to you. Their ‘Shop and Ship’ service means that you can order goods from your favourite shops and get everything delivered to your UK Postbox address. They will then package everything up and get it delivered directly to you, at your convenience which saves time and money on shipping items individually…plus it allows you to shop at your favourite UK stores which don’t deliver overseas.
So, it has to be UK Postbox…for your:
●Virtual address
●Mail forwarding
●Mail scanning | access on web and mobile devices
●Parcel forwarding
●Shop and ship

…why not check out UK Postbox today – and get a free UK mail and parcel forwarding address!

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