Quirónsalud Valencia opens a Unit Specialised in Natural or Respected Delivery, with the Possibility of Labour in Water

Parents and family members may stay in the ICU with the baby, thanks to the Family Room located in the Neonatal ICU and Humanised Paediatrics Area

Valencia, April 4, 2019. Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia has opened a unit specialised in natural or respected delivery,with the goal of offering a wide variety of delivery options so each woman can decide to give birth in the way that best fits her preferences.

As Doctor Fernando López Baeza, Head of the Gynaecology and Obstetrics Service Team, explains, “our purpose is to make delivery more natural and human, as well as to provide early neonatal care, trying to enable the mother’s central role, respecting her preferences as much as possible regarding the organisation and assistance provided by healthcare services during the extremely special and unique moment that is the birth of her son or daughter; with maximum participation from her partner, preserving her intimacy as much as possible, and avoiding any unnecessary intervention.”

All the actions of the Delivery Unit are focused on lowering the Caesarean-section rates, on natural labour if it is requested, and on making delivery something normal, more human. “Before the moment of birth, our professionals will consult with the future mother about how she wants her delivery to take place, so that they always act, as long as there is no medical contra-indication, according to her desires and decisions during the process,” points out Doctor López Baeza.

The team includes the collaboration of specialised midwives to offer personalised and exclusive attention during the whole labour process. “Starting at week thirty-four, the mother will be in continuous contact with the midwives, so we can establish a relationship of trust and complicity in case of any question she may have. Our team of matrons will accompany the mother throughout the labour, delivery and post-partum process,” indicates Aurora Medina, a midwife in the Unit.

Benefits of Labour in Water

This new Delivery Unit  includes a large, modern delivery roomwith all the elements required for humanised delivery, including a tub for labour. “Labourin water is just as safe as any other procedure, and allows for the use of hot water to reduce labour pains, to then give birth on the bed or in any other position the mother prefers,” explains the midwife.

Neonatal ICU and Humanised Paediatrics: Staying in the ICU with the Baby, the Family Room

In the Neonatal and Paediatric ICU at Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia, parents and family members are offered the possibility of staying, 24 hours a day, in the Neonatal ICU Family Room, ensuring that the children can be accompanied at all times. This also helps parents become involved in the care and procedure of their children, making their time in the Neonatal ICU as human and familiar as possible. In addition to this free access policy, Hospital Quirónsalud Valencia offers the option of having a “Mother and Child”in the ICU (Family Room). “The benefits of this method are countless,” states Doctor Gonzalo Pin, Head of the

Paediatric Service and the Neonatal ICU, “and some are as significant as greater stability of vital signs and an improvement in brain development. There is no better incubator than the human body. In addition, we try to have parents progressively take over all the care for their children, moving into a family room when the patient’s stability allows it.”

It is proven that parental involvement in the care of a premature child reduces the duration of his or her hospital stay, improves the wellbeing of the patient and the family, stimulates bonding and improves breastfeeding rates.


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