Last cigarette ever! Smokers offered free opportunity to kick the habit in the New Year


Last cigarette ever! Smokers offered free opportunity to kick the habit in the New Year

As the bells ring out and 2023 begins, people across the Malaga province will make their New Year resolutions. Top of the list for a lot of individuals is a healthier, happier lifestyle – and for many that includes stubbing out smoking.   But quitting can be hard.

Therefore two local hypnotherapists have come up with a unique scheme to help at least five smokers kick their habit in 2023 – for free. The five lucky people chosen will be given a much-needed helping hand to quit smoking by the Lux Therapy Clinic, based in Marbella, and run by husband and wife team Sandie and Stuart Ashing. The hypnotherapy sessions are worth more than 3,000 euros in total.

It’s a harsh reality that was further highlighted during the pandemic, that if you’re a smoker you’re more likely to get acute respiratory infections and have a higher risk of those infections becoming severe. So there has never been a better time to stop smoking.

“A lot of people do try to stop smoking many times before they finally quit, but hypnotherapy can help make stopping easier by breaking the psychological connections and triggers around smoking”, said Sandie.

“We will give people the understanding to make lifestyle changes which are permanent. There are no quick fixes but, with the right training and frame of mind, people can make the changes which give them a healthier and happier life. There is no trickery; this is a serious and life-changing technique which has made positive differences to thousands of people worldwide.”

The team at Lux is inviting people to contact them to nominate themselves by telling what they have done to help someone else, and why it’s important to them to stop smoking. People can also nominate a friend or relative who they think needs some help and deserves to win one of the free prizes.

“We will be taking entries throughout January and then will sit down with colleagues to decide who should receive the free sessions. There must be lots of people out there who are too consumed helping other people that they often neglect themselves,” added Sandie.

To be in with a chance of winning, please email [email protected] detailing in no more than 100 words why you deserve the help and should be chosen. The closing date for entries is Tuesday 31 January 2023.

“We also want to help as many other people as possible to kick the habit and so we are also offering everyone the chance to listen to our Quit Smoking with hypnosis audio for free, throughout January”.   The audio is available on the website.

Sandie and Stuart believe that people who listen to it daily during the month may find it has a very powerful effect on their smoking habits, and many could enter February as a non-smoker.

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