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Bob James’ Spanish News Headlines – Visual format – Dateline: 21/06/24 – Latest

Bob James’ Spanish News Headlines – Visual format – Dateline: 21/06/24 – Latest


A British tourist has been stabbed to death outside a nightclub according to police.

The 30 year old man was killed outside the Oxygen nightclub in Calella, around 40 Km from Barcelona.

Local media reports that the holidaymaker died at the scene around 5am this morning.

It is believed that he was stabbed during a row with another group of foreigners outside the club.

Another person was reportedly injured in the brawl and rushed to hospital. Their condition is not known.

Police have launched an investigation and no arrests have been made so far.

Detectives have been scouring CCTV footage and speaking to people who were at the club as they work to hunt down the attackers.


Yesterday three suspects were arrested in connection with the disappearance of a Belgian couple in Tenerife. The arrests .. two in Belgium, one in Spain were confirmed by the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office. The three suspects are all said to be Belgian nationals.

The missing couple who had been living in Tenerife for several years, were last seen on 22 April. On the 27 the woman’s mutilated body was found in the Atlantic Ocean, which led to the facts being reclassified as a violent death, enabling the case to be brought to the federal level.

Spain has already requested the extradition of the two people arrested in Belgium.


The government plans to cut value-added tax on olive oil to zero from July after wholesale prices more than tripled due to a severe drought so the budget ministry said this morning.

Olive oil prices skyrocketed to record levels last year after the olive harvest plummeted because of a two-year drought in Andalusia, the largest producing area.

Prices have eased a little this year but still hover near all-time highs.

One-litre bottles of extra-virgin olive oil were selling for as much as 14.5 euros in some supermarkets late last year, propelling olive oil into the category of products retailers fit with security tags.

The government had already cut VAT on olive oil to 5% from an original 10% last year.


A 75-year-old Dutch tourist who went missing in a mountainous area on Wednesday has been found alive.

The man, who suffers from Alzheimer’s was on a journey from Alicante to Malaga with his family and had stopped at a local look-out point in the Ricote Valley in Murcia when he wandered off.

Rescue workers mounted an intensive search but only found him after drone footage showed the man walking around aimlessly the next day. He was exhausted, Gurdia Civil officers said, but otherwise unhurt.


That’s the latest from TRE, I’m Bob James.


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