Julie Baum – UK Account Manager/Website Administrator/Podcasts/Apps/Twitter


Julie Baum – UK Account Manager/Website Administrator/Podcasts/Apps/Twitter

Favourite album: ‘Born to Run’ Bruce Springsteen (…close run with ‘Hotel California’ Eagles + ‘The Stranger’ Billy Joel)
Favourite Song: ‘Walk’ Foo Fighters
Favourite film: SO difficult…SO many ‘The Perfect Storm’…I guess
Favourite TV programme: Also difficult …’The West Wing’, ‘The Newsroom’, ‘House of Cards’, ‘Homeland’, ‘ER’?…all of them
Favourite place visited: San Francisco
Favourite book: Anything by David Baldacci or Patricia Cornwell
Who’s the most famous person you have ever met: My mum
With whom would you most like to have dinner: Arsene Wenger + Ron Dennis
Favourite food: Anything with chilli!
Favourite sport: Do I have to pick just one…?

Julie is Talk Radio Europe’s UK based representative. Born in London, she spent her early years in Australia, before (reluctantly) returning to the UK. A BA in Social Science (Economics major) at University of Westminster (…when it was Polytechnic of Central London) preceded a career in sales and marketing – including West End retail management (Sears PLC), Account Manager (GUS PLC), Contract Sales Manager (William Baird PLC) and Brand Manager (Adidas group).

She spent 5 years in Spain, joining TRE in June 2009, before family commitments brought her back to the UK. Since her return she has been actively employed in developing the TRE brand with the UK multiples and other blue chip companies. A keen sportswoman, in the past (lacrosse, netball, tennis, swimming, ski-ing, scuba diving, and karting) – these days sports activities are more armchair related!

Passions? Arsenal FC, McLaren F1, tennis, rugby, politics, reading…and music (of course)