La Niche – Second Hand Furniture

Testimonials Talk Radio Europe

During my time of business selling second hand furniture, which I started in Marbella and my business ran for a period of 6 years, I experimented with a lot of advertising ranging from Facebook to Radio Stations (also magazines, street advertising, free portal advertising, web advertising). I tried various methods and monitored the results of all my campaigns. I found that TALK RADIO was extremely successful, the response was very noticeable and positive in its outcome. I put this down to one simple factor: that when the public are tuned into TALK RADIO, they are actively listening and engaged which helps enormously with the response. I found that it bypassed the ‘flicking through a magazine’, browsing the web etc, and took my advert straight to where it mattered. It was definitely worth the money, and whats more, you did not have to choose ‘peak times’ as they have listeners tuning into different topics all day.” Henrietta Carey, La Niche


Spence Clarke & Co

Testimonials Talk Radio Europe

Spence Clarke & Co., has been advertising with TRE for 5 years, the response was not immediate, good business always takes a while to happen, and happen it did. Over the years we have had many clients come on board as a direct result of this advertising. Thanks TRE and like it or not Spence Clarke & Co. are staying with you!

Susan Spence Clarke

Partner, Spence Clarke & Co. Chartered Accountants


BA City Flyer

Testimonials Talk Radio Europe

Talk Radio Europe produced a polished and effective radio advertising campaign to promote British Airways’ Spanish routes from London City. The ease of working with the team, coupled with highly efficient production has produced fantastic results.

Gary Fozzard

Commercial and Marketing Coordinator BA CityFlyer


PLC Advertising and Marketing

Testimonials Talk Radio Europe

Over the years, I have happily been able to consistently recommend Talk Radio Europe to my clients as the ideal vehicle to reach the wealthy, English-speaking expatriate community. TRE has proved to be very successful in bringing results to all our clients as the programming is designed to reach the “thinking” and “wealthier” resident in Spain. The coverage of the radio station reaches the main areas populated by English speaking expats and as a result, makes it easy for PLC, as an advertising and media agency, to recommend TRE to our clients. All our clients who have advertised on Talk Radio Europe, have renewed their contracts and become long term advertisers due to the consistent results they receive.

Philip Langley

Managing Director, PLC Advertising & Marketing