Bob James’ Spanish News Headlines – Visual format – Dateline: 05/12/22


Bob James’ Spanish News Headlines – Visual format – Dateline: 05/12/22


Police investigating the letter bombs sent to various locations across the country last week suspect they came from the same origin in Valladolid province.

Police sources said nobody has been identified as a possible suspect.

Sources familiar with the case, say they are dealing with a lone wolf with extensive knowledge, well trained and not an organized groupî.

One of the suspicious letters in question was addressed to the Prime Minister,Another three were received in Madrid, at the Ukrainian Embassy, at the Ministry of Defence and at the Torrejon military air base.

A fifth letter arrived at a company in Zaragoza that manufactures weapons, and the sixth at the United States Embassy .



The government has handed over the first Hawk anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Defense Minister met with Spain’s Margarita Robles in Odesa, where defense officials paid tribute to those killed in the war.

The Hawk anti-aircraft missile system is an American medium-range system.

Initially, Hawk was developed only to destroy aircraft, but subsequently modernized to intercept missiles and drones.



In a joint operation between the Guardia Civil and the Tax Agency 5.5 tons of cocaine have been seized in the port of Valencia. The largest cocaine seizure in the port since records began.

If the cocaine had reached its intended destination it would have had a street value of over €340 million.

This followed the seizure of 70 Kilos of the drug hidden among fruit and Vegitables at Barcelona’s port in September.

The investigation remains open to identify those responsible for shipping the drug to Spain and those in charge of its distribution.



As in October, the historical record of average temperatures, as well as the maximums and minimums, for November have broken all records.

The average maximum for the month was 22.9C, smashing the previous record of 22.4C in 2009, and stands at almost one degree Celsius more that of 2015 when 22C was registered.

The director of the state meterological organisation Amet said that 2022 will close as one of the warmest in history throughout Spain.

November has also been a very dry month, with only 6.7mm recorded in Malaga making it the seventh driest since 1942.



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