Bob James’ Spanish News Headlines – Visual format – Dateline: 15/10/21


Bob James’ Spanish News Headlines – Visual format – Dateline: 15/10/21


The second 4.5 magnitude earthquake in two days rattled La Palma this morning as scientists described a gushing river of molten rock from an erupting volcano as “a true lava tsunami.”

The two quakes were the strongest to hit La Palma since the volcano erupted on Sept. 19.

Lava rolling toward the Atlantic Ocean forced the evacuation of more than 300 people late yesterday, bringing the number of people forced from their homes since Tuesday to 1,200. About 7,000 people in all have had to flee since the eruption.

Two main rivers of lava were still flowing from the Cumbre Vieja this morning. The initial one has slowed to a virtual stop, but a second one is spewing a large amount of molten rock and compelling authorities to stay alert for further possible evacuations.


The prime minister is urging former King Juan Carlos I to offer a public explanation of his suspected financial wrongdoings, which are the target of criminal investigations and have tarnished the monarchy.

“In my opinion, it would be good if King Juan Carlos said what he thought about all these issues, which are unpleasant,” Pedro Sanchez said in a television interview late yesterday.

Sanchez said the information that has come out so far “has eroded the Spanish people¥s confidence in their institutions.”

Juan Carlos moved abroad just over a year ago as allegations of financial scandals swirled around him and embarrassed the royal household.



An Army diver is missing in Huesca after a military training exercise.

The sergeant was taking part in an exercise using the El Grado reservoir for diving practice .. he was reported missing early on the Tuesday morning.

A motorised robot and underwater cameras are helping sixteen police divers in their search for the Malaga-born man.



Covid restrictions for the entire Malaga province have been lifted.

All of the municipalities now progress to Level Zero, and enter what is being referred to ìthe new normalî.

Previously Covid measures restricted night life and venue capacity and were still in force in eleven of the municipalities Among them, Torremolinos, Estepona, Fuengirola and Benalmadena.

The ease of restrictions means night life and public events can now operate like they did prior to the Covid crisis. Mask wearing will however be maintained for specific situations.

All of Andalucia, except two districts in the province of Almeria are now in the new normal.



A massive power outage cut off all the electricity Mijas this morning and caused massive disruption as thousands of workers were plunged into darkness while preparing for their daily commute. The main electricity provider, Endesa, has yet to issue an official statement as to the cause of the outage.

Darkened street lighting was accompanied by an eerie silence.

Lights flashed on and off until around 8.10 when a stable supply was resumed.



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