Bob James’ Spanish News Headlines – Visual format 02/03/21


Bob James’ Spanish News Headlines – Visual format 02/03/21

Catalan police say they have made four arrests after searching the offices of Barcelona football club.

The identity of those involved have not yet been confirmed by police, who said their investigation is continuing.

The police operation was conducted yesterday after an investigation into financial issues at Barcelona.

The club’s presidential elections take place on Sunday after their previous president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, announced his resignation in October.

According to Spanish media reports, Bartomeu is among those arrested – although police have not confirmed this.

In a statement, Barcelona said the police searches related to the “contacting of monitoring services on social networks”.

According to reports the investigation relates to the ‘Barcagate’ scandal of February 2020, when the club were forced to deny hiring a firm to attack their own players on social media.


The latest official figure released by the Health Ministry yesterday show 3,204,531 positive cases of Covid .. an overall increase of 15,978 against the figure released on Friday in a fifth consecutive drop in the rate of increase in weekend figures. Last Monday the figure had been almost 21 thousand for the weekend, and the previous weekend just over 30 thousand.

The overall incidence rate is now 175.63 per 100,000 inhabitants for the past 14 days ñ the lowest it has been since last August.

The European Commission will propose this month an EU-wide digital certificate providing proof of a COVID-19 vaccination that could allow Europeans to travel more freely over the summer.

The EU executive aims to present its plans for a “digital green pass” on March 17 and to cooperate with international organisations to ensure that its system also works beyond the European Union.

The pass would provide proof that a person has been vaccinated, the results of tests for those not yet vaccinated and information on recovery for people who have contracted COVID-19.

Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides said vaccine deliveries would sharply increase in the coming months.


The National Police, in Benalmadena inconjunction with the German Police, have arrested the suspected head of a criminal drug trafficking organization dealing mainly in cannabis and amphetamines.

In a statement yesterday the police revealed there had been a European arrest and surrender order issued by the German authorities against the man, for homicide and drug trafficking.

German authorities had warned that the leader of the organisation was dangerous, known to always be armed.

One of the two wanted men was arrested in Torremolinos in January, and subsequent investigations led officers to place surveillance on a property in Benalmadena.

Finally, officers raided the home, where the fugitive was arrested.


The Guardia Civil have found 32 kilos of marijuana hidden in bunches of parsley

on Saturday night Officers intercepted two men when they came across a van pulled over near Santa Pola with the rear doors open at a farm disposal site. They became even more suspicious when one of the men started to edge away as soon as he spotted the officers; the man fled and as one Guardia Civil officer gave chase, the other searched the van.

There he found crates of parsley with packages of marijuana buds vacuumed packed and hidden inside the bunches of herbs. In all, the officers found 58 packages with 550 grams of marijuana buds in each, totalling 32 kilos.

The two suspects, a 50-year-old Spanish man and a 38-year-old Moroccan were arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking.

Alicante Police HQ also reported that two men in Alcoy were arrested after 2.2 kilos of hashish and 3,400 euro in cash were discovered hidden in the spare wheel of their car.

That’s the latest from TRE, I’m Bob James.

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