Bob James’ Spanish News Headlines – Visual format – Dateline: 22/07/24 – Latest


Bob James’ Spanish News Headlines – Visual format – Dateline: 22/07/24 – Latest


Thousands of people demonstrated in Mallorca yesterday against what they say are the negative impacts of overtourism.

Organisers say uncontrolled tourist numbers are causing a drop in wages, loss of quality of life, noise and an increase in the price of housing, both to rent and to buy.

“Now is the time to say enough is enough. said Pere Joan Feminia, spokesperson for the platform ‘Less Tourism, More Life’, which organised the rally.

The demonstration in the middle of the tourist season aims to be, “a turning point, and the beginning of actions and mobilisations on the four Baleric islands, not just in Mallorca,” the organisers said.

Last year, the airport authority AENA said departures and arrivals at Palma for July alone were up 5.9% compared to the same month in 2022, with 4.3 million people passing through the airport.

That meant Palma was the third most popular summer destination in the country behind Madrid and Barcelona.

Activists say the over 10 million foreign visitors on the archipelago each year are ruining life there. Locals are reportedly sleeping in cars and caves due to soaring house prices.


Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez yesterday applauded US President Joe Biden’s “brave and dignified” decision not to run for reelection.

Sanchez also hailed Biden for his leadership during the post-pandemic economic crisis, the “serious assault” on Capitol Hill and for his “exemplary support for Ukraine in the face of Putin’s Russian aggression.”

Sanchez concluded that Biden’s decision to step aside is “a great gesture from a great president who has always fought for democracy and freedom.”

His comment came in a few hours after Biden announced on several social media platforms that he was dropping out of the 2024 race against former President Donald Trump.


Police are investigating the “violent death” of a British man found in Almeria.

The 35-year-old’s body was found in Mojacar. The alarm was raised around 11pm last night after the grim discovery near Vantanicas beach.

The unnamed British man was said to have lain undiscovered for “several hours” Blood is said to have been found in and around the body.

Yesterday it emerged a body had been discovered in the village church bell tower.

Officials admitted they were worried about a mans safety after he reportedly left his wife in a garage following an argument and dumped personal belongings before abandoning his car. The operation to find him swung into action on July 11 when he was reported missing.


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