Cancer Support Group Mallorca (CSG)

Cancer Support Group Mallorca (CSG) Talk Radio Europe

Have you been diagnosed with Cancer? We are here to help.

Who are we?

The Cancer Support Group was established in the Balearic island to help both men and women in the expat community, who have been diagnosed with cancer.

The Cancer Support Group (CSG) wants to make sure that no one has to face cancer alone.

With our unique combination of physical and emotional support, we help you take back control and learn how to live well with your cancer. Our aim is to minimise the emotional effect cancer can have on families and their supporters.

What do we do and what do we provide?

  • ❖  Free translators to accompany patients to appointments, in order that they fully understand their diagnosis and subsequent treatment.
  • ❖  Free counselling for patients, family members and friends.
  • ❖  Practical support at home, precious time off for a career.
  • ❖  Support by email or Telephone.

Mobile (+34) 659887455

[email protected]

  • ❖  Free items such as wigs, caps, prosthesis.
  • ❖  Free nutritional Advice
  • ❖  Well Being
    • ➢  Hairdressing
    • ➢  Yoga, pilates and other relaxation techniques.
    • ➢  Exercise plans for cancer patients
    • ➢  Spa treatments
    • ➢  Much more
  • ❖  Spanish Health Entitlements – helping you understand health care services and what you are entitled to.
  • ❖  Drop in Centers Three informal, friendly drop in Centers where you can obtain free information. A chance to talk about any aspects of living with cancer and its effect on your family.
    • ➢  Portals Nous – Calle Lluna 3, Portals Nous 07181 ( Monday mornings 10 until 1pm)
    • ➢  Son Espases – Block N Planta -2 Room 216 ( Thursday Mornings 10 until 1pm)
    • ➢  Son Llatza – Hospital de Dia (Wednesday Mornings 10am until 1pm)