Cancer Support Group Mallorca (CSG)

Cancer Support Group are pleased to announce their new Translator Service

Every day thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer. Often they feel isolated and struggle with the problems they may face and are unsure as to what steps they should take
Although the care and support cancer patients receive from their Oncologist, is fantastic, a large number of them find relief and comfort from attending support groups. The Cancer Support Group Mallorca (CSG) was set up to provide support to all the expats and their families living here in Mallorca and on the other Balearic Islands.
The Cancer Support Group Mallorca are expanding the help by offering every expat a translator when they visit the Oncologist for the results of a biopsy. Every patient is anxious when they go for the results and it is not unusually to leave the Oncologists office and ‘not having heard a word’. The moment you are told it is cancer the brain goes into ‘overdrive’ thinking about how to tell the family, work etc.  The words have been lost, but the translator is there to listen for you and ask the questions you were unable to think about at the time. Then after the appointment everything will be explained again and you will be able to ask the questions that you were unable to think of at the time. Every time you have the results of an MRI you will be entitled to a translator throughout your treatment.
CSG also offers helpful advice and information on how to meet the challenges that are ahead and how to cope with the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  They group have a number of Buddies who will share their personal stories, and allow the patient to ask questions, and share the emotions during this tumultuous period.
Participating in a support group has some of the following benefits
•    Helps Prevent isolation
•    Share local information
•    Counselling and relaxation exercises
•    Classes to Enhancing self-esteem
•    Art Therapy class
In various studies it has been proven that there are immediate emotional benefits of support groups. Patients in all stages of cancer treatment can benefit from involvement in a support group.
Patients can share their experiences of cancer and its different treatments and although every case is different it is reassuring to hear from someone else how they coped. The Buddy system is built up with patients who have finished their treatment and want to help others on the journey during the treatment. This system is one of the most important aspects of a support group as it helps the patient realise they are not alone in the journey and their fears are all part of the recovery. The side effects can often be upsetting but knowing that they are quite normal relives the anxiety.

CSG not only assists the Patient but also helps the whole family thereby diminishing the feeling of fighting the battle all
Cancer does not just affect one person it touches everybody in the patient’s life, from family friends and work. It is hard to talk about cancer with your family, and friends but the CSG is there to help.
Often the patient can manage without the help of the support group but the partner may find they need to talk to someone about the changes that have occurred and how to cope with them.
Don’t forget that CSG also offer the following .to your family and friends
We Listen
•    We can talk about any aspect of Living with cancer.
•    We offer free one to one counselling for the patient and their family.
We Offer
•    Practical support at home, precious time off for the caregiver.
•    Help with hospital visits – translators.
•    Discuss treatment options and possible side effects.
•    Answer questions on How this will affect your family and relationships and explain how to tell people.
•    Advice on the Spanish health system and health card.
•    Monthly Health Matter Coffee mornings throughout the winter months and starting in October there will be a similar monthly event in Pollensa.
•    Provide  Wigs
•    Offer free hair care throughout treatment
•    Assist patients receiving treatment from all of Balearic Islands

|Together we listen, we learn, we act and help people living with cancer.
Drop in Centers:
AAVV Center, Carrer Luna 3, Portals Nous 07181
Krista Hyer will be there every Monday to answer any question between 10 am till 2pm.
Pollensa Care Centre Tel 0034 971 965 081 – daily
Cancer Support Group, Mallorca 
[email protected]
Mobile 659887455