How to listen Online…


You may want to listen to TRE when you are

at home

out and about


 in the car

…and in this online guide we will explain to you the easiest way to do so

at home:   You will need an internet connection. To listen on your computer open your preferred browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera) and type “  then click on the LISTEN LIVE box at the top left of the home page which will launch our radio player. You can also listen on your smart tv. Download the Tunein App and search for Talk Radio Europe and when you’ve found us, add us to your favourites by clicking on the icon. To listen via your smart speaker (Alexa, Echo, Sonos, Apple Air Play 2 or Google Assistant) simply use the instruction “play Talk Radio Europe”

If you’re listening in the UK, please install the ‘Simple Radio’ skill on your Alexa by saying “Alexa Enable Simple Radio skill”. Alexa will then ask which station you want to play. Say “Talk Radio Europe Spain” On an ongoing basis simply say “Alexa, ask Simple Radio to play Talk Radio Europe Spain”, every time you want to connect.

out and about:   The easiest way to listen while out and about is by using our APP which you can download from our website or your App Store. It looks like this….

…or you you can simply point your device camera at one of these QR codes:

iOS App                                                   Android App


in the car:    Nearly all modern cars are fitted with a “hands free” system to enable you to use your mobile phone while you are driving Ensure your Bluetooth is active and then open the TRE App on your phone to pair with your car radio. In older models you may need to connect by cable. Once connected your car system remembers your phone and reconnects automatically whenever you are using it.

If you need help with any of these options, contact TRE by email on [email protected] explaining in a few words the problem you are experiencing,  or call us on 952 799 953