Kit Hogg – Presenter

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Kit Hogg – Presenter

I sometimes wonder where the time has gone, born 17th believe how long ago that is!) I have lived in Spain since 1998 and my late wife, Pen, and I adopted the same laid-back approach as the locals.

Our kids grew up here and we have made a lot of friends and employ local people. My Spanish dream was to arrange tours into the wilds of Spain on mountain bikes, but you fall back into what you know and what I know is tree surgery, having done this previously in Canada, California and England. Since 1998 I have been plying the Costa with The A Team (that’s what we call ourselves – ‘El Equipo A’), climbing, pruning and sometimes felling palms, pines and eucaluptus trees.

I am also a singer with the 9 piece rock cabaret Biagra. So in answer to the question “Are you a tree surgeon?” “I am, but I am also an hotelier (In 2009, we opened Dar Gabriel, a boutique hotel in Chefchaouen, Morocco), actor, singer, event organiser, American Truck enthusiast, mountain biker, bull terrier aficionado and radio presenter (I began broadcasting ‘George and The Hogg’s Saturday magazine show with Phil George, on Talk Radio Europe in September 2013).

No wonder I’m exhausted! It must be my age!

“What was that?”
“That was your life mate“