Stephanie Miller – Producer and Contributor


Stephanie Miller – Producer and Contributor

Favourite Album? – Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours
Favourite Film? – Shawshank redemption
Favourite TV Series? ER
Favourite Place Visited? India
Favourite Book? The Prophet by Khalil Gibran
Most Famous Person with whom would you most like to have dinner? JFK
Favourite Food? Japanese
Favourite Sport? Tennis

Having been born in London Stephanie developed “itchy feet” at an early age.  She has lived in South Africa and Israel finally deciding to put down roots in Spain more years ago than she cares to remember. She has worked in radio for almost 10 years, starting out as a producer/researcher she is now Head of Production for Talk Radio Europe combining this role with producing “Let’s Talk” with Bill Padley.

Her duties are diverse covering researching and booking guests for Let’s Talk, overseeing production for all the Talk Radio Europe programming together with liaising with the other department heads in sales and programming on a regular basis as well as her on air chats with Bill. Her role also includes helping organize the Talk Radio Telethon in aid of Cudeca each year along with the rest of the TRE team.

Her three daughters and grandchildren are all happily settled in Spain and she enjoys spending quality time with them on a regular basis as well as well as fitting in the odd game of tennis and classes at the gym.