Spotlight 23rd Jan 2019…with Stacey Pinkerton and guests


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Tonight’s guests…

Nassia Inglessis is a Design Engineer based in London and Athens. She founded Studio INI as an experimental design studio with a human centric approach to explore matter in the context of cognition. She discusses her various projects, from Handy Health, robotics and creative disobedience.

In the Studio, Stacey is joined by two singer songwriters Joanna Mobley and Pedro Terol who have recently formed ‘Lady Luck’, an Alternative Rock-Pop/Indie group formed in 2018…who are releasing their new single in Feb. 2019.
They perform live some acoustic sounds, and discuss current topics regarding the music business. Joanna has a international business degree and combines that with her music along with juggling life, and Pedro comes from an extensive background in music education and performance. (his grandfather was well known spanish opera singer)

Kajsa Norma, investigative journalist, has been writing about conflict zones for many years. After she authored many non fiction books about Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and the rise and fall of the Afrikaners in Bridge over Blood River, she decided to have a look at her home of Sweden and recently released ‘Sweden’s Dark Soul: the Unravelling of a Utopia’ where she uncovers what the media has tried to cover up.