Steve McCully: Team driver from Invictus Games Racing…talks to TRE’s Giles Brown


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Steve McCully one of the team of drivers for Invictus Games Racing, a collaboration between James Holder, Co-Founder of the successful clothing brand Superdry, and the Invictus Games Foundation. Holder has commissioned Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) division to develop and build two bespoke F-TYPE SVR racing cars to GT4 specification for the Invictus Games Racing drivers to compete in. Invictus Games Racing today reveals the vehicles which have been in top secret development for over a year. The team’s mission is to give WIS servicemen or women the opportunity to experience the adrenaline of competitive racing and inspire others to embrace the ethos of the Invictus Games of triumph over adversity. Thanks to these bespoke cars, the wounded drivers will compete equally with their able-bodied counterparts