The TRE Bookshow. TRE’s Hannah Murray catches up with top authors, to discuss their latest releases 20/03/19


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Neil Spring studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Oxford. His first novel ‘The Ghost Hunters’, was made into an ITV drama in 2015, and his second novel ‘The Watchers’ has also been optioned for television. His latest novel ‘The Burning House’ is a tense and claustrophobic thriller about the derelict Boleskine House on the shores of Loch Ness.

Barbara Lorna Hudson is a retired Oxford don and former psychiatric social worker, who brings personal experience to bear in a hard-hitting social comedy ‘Makeover’. She explores themes of domestic abuse, coercive control, and the constraints of class and educational disparity.

Dominic Nolan has written various non-fiction books, but ‘Past Life’ is his debut novel. It is about Detective Abigail Boone who has been missing for four days. When she is finally found, she is suffering from amnesia.
Don Behrend began writing poems to amuse his children, but shifted to an adult readership. After retiring from a professional career, he set out to write his first collections in 2014, his first being ‘You’re the Froth on my Soy Cappuccino’ which takes a light-hearted outlook on the world.