The TRE Bookshow. TRE’s Hannah Murray catches up with top authors, to discuss their latest releases 24/04/19


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Neil McCormick is the Daily Telegraph’s chief pop and rock critic. He is an author, radio pundit, and television presenter. His bestselling memoir ‘Killing Bono’ was turned into a feature film in 2011. Elton John said it was “The best book I have ever read about trying to make it in the music business” His novel ‘#Zero’ is a pitch-black satire about a pop star on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Ayelet Gundar-Goshen is an award-winning novelist, and clinical psychologist based in Israel. Both of her previous novels ‘Waking Lions’ and ‘One night, Markovitch’ are international bestsellers. Her latest novel ‘Liar’ is a controversial tale of lies and their consequences. It’s about a teenage girl who falsely accuses a male celebrity of sexual assault, and is a gripping study of moral dilemmas, and what we’re willing to believe…

Kathryn Wallace is an experienced blogger whose blog ‘I Know, I Need to Stop Talking’ has around 140,000 followers on Facebook. Her debut novel ‘Smashing It’ is about Gemma, a single parent who is turning 40, and learns that being a good parent is just about being good enough.