The TRE Bookshow. TRE’s Hannah Murray catches up with top authors, to discuss their latest releases 24/10/18


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Neil Watson is a former painter and decorator who once mentored pop star Sam Smith! He has made a habit of authoring novels crowd funded by friends eager to be included as characters in his books. His latest ‘Florida Key’ is set in Essex, Illinois and Florida, and will see whether his protagonist will unlock the truth behind a four decades old murder mystery…

Kate Boyle spent more than two years living in Madrid, teaching English to Spaniards. Her debut novel ‘Happy as a Partridge’ is a light-hearted novel about life and love in the Spanish capital. The title is a translation of the Spanish expression ‘Feliz como una Perdiz’, meaning Happy as Larry.

Nicky Stratton came second in a short story competition when she was twenty; the prize was a brown typewriter called The Underdog 2000. But rather than become a novelist, she embarked on a thirty year career as a copywriter. Her latest novel ‘The Haunting of Mount Cod’ is set in a retirement complex. Nicky started writing fiction after her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and was determined to write about old age, and the ageing process.

J. D. Roeck is a career hotelier whose debut novel ‘Taking Care of Business’ was inspired by a real episode that took place in a restaurant in Nice. The book transports the reader to some of the most fashionable and exciting locations on the Cote d’Azur, while exploring what an ordinary man might do when faced with an extraordinary set of circumstances…