The TRE Bookshow. TRE’s Hannah Murray catches up with top authors, to discuss their latest releases 25/09/19


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Jodie Ginsberg is the CEO of Index on Censorship, as it is Banned Books Week in the UK. It’s a nationwide campaign that celebrates radical and rebellious readers and the freedom to read, write, and think. Their aim is to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to “celebrate the freedom to read”, while at the same time educating and informing about key issues relating to book censorship.

Emma Kennedy was the winner of Celebrity Masterchef in 2012, and is also the author of nine books including ‘The Tent, The Bucket, and Me’. She’s also an actress, and has appeared in many award-winning comedies like Goodness Gracious Me, and Miranda. Her latest novel ‘The Things We Left Unsaid’ is a life-affirming read which explores the ways in which it is the people we love the most who truly shape us.

Robert Lyons’ debut novel ‘The Shell Collector’ is based on his extensive research and his own knowledge of the City of London during the 70’s. It’s about Guy Magnus, who places a bet with his friend and rival, Stockbroker Harry Griffin, that he will be the first to show a million pounds. It is partly based on a true story…

Susan Edmunds is a business journalist by day, and a fiction author by night. She lives in New Zealand, and most of her non-work writing relates to motherhood, and the crazy experience of being left to take care of a child when you have no real idea what you’re doing! Her latest novel ‘Mummy Needs a Break’ is a hilarious story of the ups and downs of unexpected single motherhood.