The TRE Bookshow. TRE’s Hannah Murray catches up with top authors, to discuss their latest releases 27/03/19


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Nick Tyrone is the CEO of the Radix Think Tank, and was formerly the Executive Director at CentreForum, one of Britain’s leading liberal think tanks. His novel ‘Popstar Jihadi’ is the world’s first novel to be published by a think tank, and is an exploration of how, in a world where media is fragmented and debate so polarized, it becomes impossible to know what’s real, even when the truth is revealed.

Eleanor Anstruther read History of Art at Manchester University before travelling the world. ‘A Perfect Explanation’ tells a fictionalised account of a shocking true event in the 1920’s where Eleanor’s grandmother sold her son (Eleanor’s father) to his aunt for 500 pounds. She came to uncover the incredible story in her aristocratic family’s history with 10 years of research.

MP (Mark) Miles is a pilot, a diving instructor, and an award-winning chef. A lifelong sailor, he know lives in the Caribbean on-board a yacht called Pacific Wave. ‘Shelter Rock’ is a thriller about an African spy and a youth who retraces Mark’s steps in a pulse pounding pursuit through Africa. In 1981 Mark walked home alone as a teenager from South Africa to the UK!