TRE LOCAL comes to the rescue…


TRE LOCAL comes to the rescue Just before FM transmission of TRE programmes across the entire Costa Calida and Costa Blanca was due to end following the decision of the radio station to move online, Talk Radio Europe has announced a new agreement with Worldwide Broadcasting introducing a new station TRE LOCAL that will broadcast on the existing frequencies. Initially the new station will carry the full TRE network programmes as transmitted online but it is the intention in the near future to introduce local programmes for part of the afternoon and/or early evening. The BBC World Service will continue to be available on TRE LOCAL.

Talk Radio Europe is delighted at this development on which it has worked extremely hard in order to ensure that listeners without access to the internet will be able to continue to enjoy TRE programmes. The support of the listeners and local businesses for TRE LOCAL will be essential to ensure its success and continuation. It is anticipated that the TRE LOCAL model will be replicated in Mallorca shortly.

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