At Home With The Hoggs

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“At Home With The Hoggs” is rooted in one thing that we share: we are immigrants.

Haven’t we all, at some stage, cut ties with the familiar to make a change, to start new lives? And isn’t this a potentially bonding experience that we have in common, here in the great Ex-Patria, the modern day Euro colony of English speakers that extends from Majorca to Gibraltar? It’s no accident that this is the TRE catchment area. And so it is that Home With The Hoggs is based in satire, stories and conversation about this “potentially bonding experience” of our new homeland.

From exhilaration to exasperation
From partial understanding to blundering confusion
From an “ahah!” moment to lost in translation
From do I stay or do I go?
Regular contributors include:
Lawrence George and the Sage of the Serrania who offer astrological and metaphysical suggestions.
Jay de Deyne is our petrol head motoring correspondent, founder f the Anti-Berlingo league.
Karen de Deyne unravels the bureaucracy that snags us all so often.
Whilst Miguelito Beauchamp is our man in Madrid.
Carmen Myers reports on the parochial world of intrigue that is pueblo politics.
Whilst in the garden, Mr Micky Lock advises us what to be planting and when.
Mr Matthew Wolfman is our own very own history of Spain correspondent.

‘At Home with the Hoggs’ airs from 11.00-13.00 CET, every Saturday

There will be a second play from 18.00-20.00 CET on Thursdays