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Calle Antonio Machado 12, Bloque 8; Atico 1, Mijas Costa,  Spain 29651

Everything is energy. And energy is eternal. We are energy. Energy can be modified, changed, manipulated. It is used for healing, and also used to attack us. These energy attacks affect our aura’s, mental and physical health. When we live with these negative influences, our vital energy is compromised, our paths to happiness and prosperity obstructed. 

We are beings of light and sensitive to the fine vibrations which affect us in our daily lives. In our daily grind, we encounter all sorts of sources of different energies. Positive people who share their wonderful energies with us willingly. Those who tap from us and ‘steal’ our vital energy. Often these people don’t even realise what they are doing but they feel ‘so much better’ every time they are with you. While you feel drained. 

The worse kind is a deliberate personalised attack via a ritual. These attacks are often executed by a professional on behalf of a person who wants to do harm. There are many different rituals in the world, and many different reasons why people would want to endeavor in this type of business, but the results are always very negative and in some cases dangerous.

Who are your spirit guides, and what do they represent? Can you learn from them, and build a better relationship?

Is there any unfinished business affecting you now which comes from a past life? Maybe it’s time to find out.

Chakras and auras: revitalising, healing, and cleaning.

Karmic healing: paying for mistakes from a past life? we can heal them.

Entities: I help spiritual entities leave your home or premises.

Dark energy attacks, black magic, voodoo, macumba, etc. I detect them and remove them.

All services are conducted either on-site or at distance via photos.

A complete health check will first be given according to your needs. this first service is free, and a full estimate will be issued according to the work at hand.

You can contact me by WhatsApp +34 744604817

Satisfied clients in Germany, Great Britain, France, Sweden, Spain, Iran, Ukraine.

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