Raven & The Blues

Raven & The Blues Talk Radio EuropeThe roots of almost all of today’s popular music can be traced back to the Blues. The music that W C Handy heard in New Orleans over 100 years ago, permeated jazz and swing, gave birth to Rock & Roll in the ’50’s and is still alive and well today. Dave Raven has been playing blues and R&B on the radio for over 30 years and brings his special knowledge and love of the music to TRE every week.

From his studio on a houseboat on the River Thames near Hampton Court he also hosts live sessions and they are so popular that he is ‘on the circuit’ for all blues musicians visiting the UK. Nominated for the best blues radio show in 2012, the Raven & Blues is also one of the longest running podcasts with over 16,000 subscribers worldwide.