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Programme: Lifestyles
Presenter: Selina McKenzie

Duration : 13:00 - 15:00
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UK Postbox

UK Postbox is one of the UK's leading mail scanning, address and parcel forwarding services, serving many 1000s of people in the UK and around the world. A UK Postbox account gives you a dedicated UK postal address which acts as a hub for your post . When a company or an individual sends post to your UK Postbox address, instead of going to that actual address, it routes to their secure sorting office where it is scanned, bar coded, and then stored in the system by one of their dedicated team.
Once a piece of mail has been scanned into their secure system, you will receive a text or a message to let you know that you have new mail. You can then decide what you want to do with that mail. Do you want to read it immediately? Store it? Shred it? You can even instruct them to forward on the actual piece of mail to you, wherever you are in the world.
expat logoIn just 5 minutes, you can be relaxing in front of all your favourite UK TV...
If you are an expat and have been frustrated that by being overseas you cannot watch UK TV or access UK websites then you have come to right place.
My Expat Network provides a piece of software which you can quickly and easily download onto your PC Mac or Laptop, that sits on your desktop, allowing you to turn on and off a VPN (Virtual Private Network). It utilises your existing internet connection, but once connected the VPN routes through the My Expat Network servers in the UK .
You can now download the My Expat Network Pro App from the App Store and Google play. The App pre configures the VPN on your device without any need to change settings or add information. It is a fantastic solution to UK TV on the go.  It is now possible to have the My Expat Network VPN on all of your devices, PC, Mac, laptop, mobile and tablet with up to 5 simultaneous connections…perfect for the entire family to use.

Finding The Real Why - Larry Reborn

Larry Reborn is a specialist in Biodynamic Medicine at Pies y Bienestar, Calle Pintada 73, Nerja.

mlarryBehind every situation, there is always a Why, a cause or reason why a situation occurs. When something happens, it is natural to ask oneself “why”, especially in the face of a detrimental situation. Sometimes we laugh it off and assume it is just Murphy’s law “if something can possibly go wrong, it will, and at the worst possible moment”. 
Our instinct to maintain control and to survive makes us look for a reason behind every occurrence. “What happened?”. “Why did it happen to me?”  Why is it that we cannot expect public health to cure our illnesses? Doctors do not have enough time to dedicate the time needed for every patient. Why?  There is not enough money?  Not enough doctors?  What is wrong with our schools?  What is wrong with society in general? Illnesses such as Obesity, Coronary problems, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes etc are increasing. Child obesity is increasing. Depression recently has become the primary cause of absence from work.


tre recipe"Fail-safe Recipe Book" in aid of Cudeca

This time around we've 'cooked up' something with a bit of a twist to help us reach our €100.000 target. It's the first 'Fail-safe Recipe book' in aid of Cudeca...and thanks go to all of our listeners and friends of the station from all over the world who have taken the time to share their signature dishes with us. We're hoping that you'll all buy one and that it will become a mainstay in your kitchen. It's full of fabulous, easy to make dishes that anyone can turn their hand to - Mary Berry eat your heart out! Please click here or on the image to get your hands on one.

Passport Euro
Advice for British nationals travelling and living in Europe, following the result of the EU Referendum
This from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office:
'The British people voted on 23 June 2016 to leave the European Union (EU). The government will negotiate new arrangements with the EU including on issues affecting British nationals living and travelling abroad.
The negotiations to leave the EU may take up to 2 years or more. The government has made clear that we want the legal rights of British nationals living in European countries, as well as EU nationals in the UK, to be properly protected.
In the interim there will be no immediate changes. During the period of the negotiations, the UK remains a full member, entitled to all the benefits and obligations of membership of the EU.'

Welcome to Talk Radio Europe

Welcome to Talk Radio Europe, Spain's only English language talk radio network for Expats and English speakers.

Our programme content is predominantly news and information based. We broadcast our own, in- house, Spanish and local news service in English, and approximately 52 interviews per week with hand-picked guests and collaborators. In addition, TRE produces a selection of specialist sports, current affairs and literary programmes. TRE has also teamed up with the BBC World Service and SKY News to offer our listeners regular international news bulletins and live weekend sport.

Access to past features and interviews is available via our 'Listen Again' function, or download programmes you have missed via our 'On Demand' service. Listen online, on fm or on the TRE Radio app, and join the conversation!

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Typically Spanish

The latest national and local news from Spain

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